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A my little pony fan fiction: A Lovely Day At The Beach

After the prior nights fun, Pinkie Pie made plans to surprise Rainbow Dash with a party only she knew Dash would love, one with Apple Family Hard Apple Cider, Cupcakes, and One bed cabana rented for three weeks worth full of food drink and as much Poison Joke as two mares could handle. Rainbow dazed she wakes as she sees Pinkie Pie load clothes, both hers and Dashes clothes, into a travel case large enough to last them months on their little getaway. Pinkie happy to see Dash awake proclaimed "Dash i didn't hear you wake up how was last night for you?", Dash still shaking off cobwebs replied "I'm doing great Pinkie but what in the hay are you doing with our clothes". Pinkie confused said "we're going on a trip silly Rarity gave us two tickets to Las Pegasus for three weeks". Dash in shock responded with "Las Pegasus really!?! that must have cost over 500 bits" then dash starts sobbing "our Rarity is so i'm going to give her the best gift i can buy". Later that day at the beach Dash ponders what she'll give rarity in return for the two tickets to Las Pegasus, then she gets an idea, a date with Princess Celestia's nephew Prince Blueblood,

Until next time watchers of mine
MLP fanfic
just thought you bronies would like this for a new update to my last fanfic
i bought a blue yeti mic what game should i record with a commentary =D now choose a nice good game that you guys what me to record and please no perverted games like Rapelay i don't want to be banned from Youtube XD
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Emmanuel ochoa hernandez
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United States
hey y'all know me as hinatafangirl22 i just made this :new: account as back up just in case i get hacked i think ahead lol

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